3 phase 3 display Heavy Duty DOL motor starter with HV LV OL Dry protection with Auto switch spp and timer suitable up to 7.5 hp DOL HD 3D 18 A

Heavy duty 3 pole 18 A contactor, suitable up to 7.5 HP motor


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Type: Motor Starter 3 Phase

Sub Type: Digital Starter,DOL Heavy Duty

Weight: 3 KG

Manufacturer: Mivan Technologies

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Item Specifications :

Condition : A brand new unused, undamaged item that is fully operational and functions as intended.

Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer.

Warranty Service : Repair or Replacement.


Package Contain : 

1 Digital DOL Starter.


Product Descriptions :

DOL HD 3D 18 suitable for motor up to 7.5 HP. 

Contactor rating : 18 A 3 pole


3 CT provided that measure the current of all 3 phase

Motor side current unbalance protection provided 

it shows the voltage of all 3 phases seperately,

Voltage of 3 phases scrolling one by one in 1st display,

Phase indication (R,Y,B) provided.


Auto and bypass switch provided


3 display provided 

1st display shows voltage, 2nd display shows current

3rd display shows Overload triping value and this value can be adjustable by up and down key. That up and down key provided just right side of 3rd display.

In this model it is very easy to set Overload value by up and down key.


Input : R (Phase), Y (Phase), B (Phase) (Supply - 415 VAC)

Output : R (Phase), Y (Phase), B (Phase) (motor or pump connections) 


Auto Switch Provided

Auto switch timer provided (when power goes and comes it will start with preset time,) timer adjustable

Auto Bypass Switch provided. (In Auto mode motor automatically start oce power goes and comes and in manual mode motor start by pressing start and stop button)


SPP provided

It protect motor from phase failure. In 3 phase motor. Out of 3 phase if any phase failed then motor run in 2 phase and motor winding gets burn.

It protect motor from phase interchange. Out of 3 phase if any phase changed, then motor rotate reverse in this case motor winding gets burn

It protect motor from voltage different between 3 phase, Voltage between 3 phase must be same


Micro controller based design 

Digital Volt and ampere meter are provided to see system voltage and load current accordingly.

Two seperate display for volt and amp.


high voltage protection, 

low voltage protection,

Adjustable voltage limit (High and low both voltage protection limit adjustable)


overload protection

Adjustable overload from 0 to 50 A


Current based dry run protection provided 

Adjustable dry run current from 0 to 50 A

Dry run Auto Reset timer provided with with bypass facility 


Automatic Overload and Dry run current adjustable

When motor start, press the start button for 5 seconds, This unit will set overload and dry run current automatically 


Voltage and Current calibration facility 


Short circuit protection

protection bypass facility 


Cyclic timer provided with bypass facility (adjusatble from 0 second to 999 min) If user want start and stop the motor on perticuler time then user can set the on and off time of cyclic timer 

Delay off timer provided with bypass facility (adjusatble from 0 second to 999 min) If user want to stop the motor after certain time then they can set the delay off timer. in this timing mode user can start the motor by pressing start button and it will auto stop based on preset delay off time.

On delay timer and off delay time provided (adjusatble from 0 second to 999 min) If user want to start the motor after certian time then they can use this timer.

Auto switch provided with bypass facility (When power goes and comes it will start the unit automatically)

Auto switch timer adjusatble from 0 second to 999 second


Input Voltage : 415 VAC

Output Voltage : 415 VAC

High accuracy in over load and dry run current

Auto and bypass mode available

User can bypass all the protection from setting

Isolated supply provided

Error messages shows on display 

RESET button provided to reset unit

Start and stop button provided to start and stop motor

Set button provided to set the current voltage and timer.

Reset button provided to reset the unit 

Factory reset facility in case of incorrect value entered.

96x96 premium instrument instrument provided, 

Heavy duty Metal Enclosure provided


Working :

This model has dry run protection so it only starts the motor if water is present in the underground tank or sump.

It has current based dry running. If the motor runs without water then it takes a lower ampere (current) then its actual current. so when the motor current is down from actual current, it stops the motor and protects the motor from dry running. 

Protect motor from dry running.



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