DSL T SENSOR With on delay timer When water comes in municipal line it starts the motor and when upper tank full it stops the motor

Digital water level controller with volt and amp meter with HV LV OL DRY PROTECTION cyclic timer


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Type: Water Level Controller Single Phase

Sub Type: Digital,For Municipal Line

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Manufacturer: Mivan Technologies

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Item Specifications :

Condition : A brand new unused, undamaged item that is fully operational and functions as intended.

Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer.

Warranty Service : Repair or Replacement.


Package Contain : 

1 Water Level Controller Unit.

3 S.S Sensors with 1.5 meter wire.

1 T Sensor .

1 user manual with technical details.


Product Descriptions :

Working : This controller will start the motor when water comes in the T sensors, and stop the motor when the upper tank is full. useful to protect the motor from dry running. 

As shown in the diagram, out of three sensors, 1 sensor put at the bottom, 1 sensor put at the middle, and 1 sensor at the top level of the tank. Place the T sensor in the municipal supply line as shown in the diagram.

When the water level of the overhead tank becomes low means water gets down from the middle sensor and water is present in the T-Sensor, the motor gets started automatically. The tank starts filling up. when the water level reaches to the higher level, the motor automatically gets switched off.


If users want to start their motor, when government water comes to the municipal line, then they need to put this sensor at the water supply line. So when government water comes, T - sensor (Line sensor) will sense the water and send commands to the water level controller to start the motor. If water does not come, the motor will not start.

Suitable for 0.1 HP to 5.0 HP Motor, Protect motor from dry running.

Motor ON OFF LED indication provided.

Water Level indication provided for both tanks.

Supply voltage : 220-270 V AC,

Sensing element : S S sensor, it is free from oxidation, long life. Any conducting wire can be used for the sensor.

Auto and Manual mode switch available. In auto mode the motor starts and stops automatically. In manual mode the user can start and stop the motor by pressing the start and stop button of the controller. No additional wiring is required to operate the motor manually. 

High quality M.S. enclosure provided.

Product Descriptions :

Micro controller based Digital Water Level Controller.

Digital Volt and ampere meter are provided to see system voltage and load current accordingly.

Two seperate display for volt and amp.

Over load Protection,

Adjustable overload from 0 to 30 A


High & Low Voltage protection,

Adjustable voltage limit (High and low both voltage protection limit adjustable)

Short circuit protection


Current based dry run protection,

Adjustable dry run current from 0 to 30 A

Dry run Auto Reset timer provided with with bypass facility 


Cyclic timer provided with bypass facility (adjusatble from 0 second to 999 min)

Cyclic timer available in auto mode with water controller and in bypass mode without water level controller 

In auto mode cyclic timer - water level controller work on cyclic on time mode as per preset time

Delay timer provided with bypass facility (adjusatble from 0 second to 999 min)

On delay timer and off delay time provided (adjusatble from 0 second to 999 min)


Auto switch provided with bypass facility (When power goes and comes it will start the unit automatically)

Auto switch timer provided (when power goes and comes it will start with preset time,) timer adjustable


protection bypass facility 

Input Voltage : 230 VAC

Output Voltage : 230 VAC

High accuracy in over load and dry run current

Motor on indication provided 

voltage and amp indication provided

Auto byapass indication provided 

Water level controller and water level indication for overhead and underground tank.

Suitable for motor up to 3 HP

It has current based dry run protection. If motor runs without water then it take lower ampere (current) then actual current. so when motor current down from actual current, it stop the motor and protect motor from dry running.

User can bypass the protection.

Error messages shows on display 

RESET button provided to reset unit

High quality ABS. enclosure provided.

Start and stop button provided to start and stop motor

Set button provided to set the current voltage and timer.

Reset button provided to reset the unit 

Factory reset facility in case of incorrect value entered.


All signals passes in sensors through the AC filter circuit that improve life of sensor,

Isolated supply provided

Sensor fault detection provided, if sensor got failed LED start blinking

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